Our Visit to The Good Planet Company


We are all familiar with the zero to one hundred mile diet. It simply makes sense for so many reasons…if you do not have the space or time to grow your own food you have many different choices of farms and local growers where you can buy your food….fresh, local and organic! By buying your food from a local farm you are helping to sustain that farm and keep them in business so they can grow food for you the next year. Take that same awareness and apply it to the consumer goods you shop for…..zero to one hundred mile shopping. If you live in Victoria, BC…then you can call that Shop Local Victoria! By supporting the local stores in and around Victoria you are helping to sustain local business and communities. One of my favorite streets to explore in downtown Victoria is Fort Street. The many different shops and eateries are a must see!!

One of my favorite stores along Fort Street is The Good Planet Store. From the moment you walk in the door there is an energy that surrounds you! It is a feel good, happy and passionate energy. Ian and Alain (who co-founded the store in 2003 ) and their awesome staff with Shiri, Marilize and Megan(who owns the Green Kiss Beauty Bar within Good Planet) have created not only an outstanding store but an experience from the time you walk through the doors. Their passion for environmentally conscious products and safe choices for families is evident in the products you will see throughout the store. They have a store filled with natural, organic products for bed, bath, baby and body and also a large range of eco-friendly giftware!

It is an honor to have our natural wool dryer balls for sale at The Good Planet Company.

Perhaps you can imagine how I felt when I delivered their first order of wool dryer balls to the store and I came in the door with a very little surprise under one arm. Nia, our 1.5lb premature lamb came along with me. Since her mom had rejected her at birth we needed to give her all the love and care we could to help her thrive. Nia was very quickly showered with  love from all the staff at The Good Planet Co. It was a moment of synchronicity where we were making natural wool dryer balls with the wool from our miniature babydoll sheep and then delivering the wool balls to the store while caring for Nia at the same time! Nia went back to Good Planet for a visit and they were all so gracious in posing for some photos with her.

The people, the products the experience you have at The Good Planet Co. is proof that shopping local is a good thing!!




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