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About Millstone Farm & Organics

At the heart of Millstone Farm & Organics is our family connected by love and a passion for living each day in the healthiest and most earth-friendly way possible.

It was our lifelong dream to move from the city and raise our family in the country. From the moment we stepped foot on the farm we were struck by the beauty and biodiversity, the joyful sound of the songbirds, the west coast forest and the wildlife that visits daily. To live here is a gift and it is our responsibility to sustain and protect it!

We began to analyze the food we had been eating and the products we were using. So many things contained harsh chemicals and toxins that were harmful to us and to the earth. Our mission was clear… to live simply.. to live organically… to sustain the land in a healthy condition for future generations to enjoy.

Everything we grow here is done without the use of GMO’s, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers and produced organically.

All of our products are made with natural, organic ingredients.

Thank you for visiting our website and see the natural products we offer.