As we get ready for 2020 to be ushered out the door and into the past...I would be remiss if I did not speak to the awareness that this same year brought to our lives. There are always golden nuggets or silver linings hidden within an overwhelming challenge and for me there were several throughout 2020!

I will never forget the blanket of fear that paralyzed me when the pandemic hit.. a force I had never had to reckon with before! There was a major sense of urgency and focus that snapped me out of the overwhelm and into action oriented thoughts! We had been slowly working on a few new projects on our farm that would eventually come together as we had more time to devote to them.

Nothing like the reality of a global pandemic to shorten the timeline to NOW!! As much as I dislike mathematics and the calculations with numbers I do love to do the backwards math when addressing a problem or solution. Perhaps it's the adrenaline rush of the lightbulb moment..when you see clearly what needs to be done and how to do it!

In doing this backwards math...I looked at the abundance of food we were so privileged to have. With the walls of the pandemic closing in around the world..there was the sudden fear of what we would all do if we did not have a local food supply. That lit the fuse to reach out to Khaled at Ingenious Farms in Quebec. I had been following him for quite some time as I wanted to develop a vertical gardening system on our farm and he was the genius behind that system! I reached out to him via text and guess I conveyed my sense of panic and urgency he replied within moments! The list of  raw materials for building the vertical garden, the organic grow mix, the drip system and how and what to grow in the gutters.

The construction of the vertical garden and the incredible deer fence required, took place immediately, and as we were planting the gutters...a Bee landed near my hand. When I glanced over at it I realized I had forgotten the most important part in the whole food growing equation...Pollination! The Bees...we need the Bees and other pollinators because without them our plants will not be pollinated and we will not be able to grow food to supply the local community! 

At this very time we were creating designs for our very first Eco Cloth, better known as a Swedish Cloth. At that moment it became clear as to what our first design needed to be and how this cloth would have an even greater purpose.. to help protect the Bees! 

I called up our daughter Katrina, who is a professional designer, and asked if she could draw a beautiful pattern of Bees and flowers as that was going to be our first cloth design and 10% of all the sales of the Eco Cloths would be donated to Pollinator Partnership Canada. The work this passionate and dedicated group of people do towards protecting the Bees and other Pollinators in our country, is truly outstanding! They have been doing this work long before the pandemic hit...but for me it wasn't until I did that backwards math of growing food for the community, that I put a major focus on the Bees! I had quite honestly taken the Bees and their pollinating work for granted!! Perhaps that is one of the biggest lessons 2020 has taught me...never take anything for granted and protect the pollinators because without them we are in big trouble!

That was the beginning of our Eco Cloth line and how every single cloth purchase is not only eliminating the use of paper towel, it is the healthiest cleaning cloth for you and the environment, and helps to Protect the Bees and Preserve Ours!