Holiday Eco Cloths (Set of 2)


Our limited edition holiday cloth designs are here!

The plant-based cloth with a purpose!

Paper Towel- Sponge- Dish Cloth....All in One!

One cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towel and can soak up to 20 times its weight in liquid.

These Eco Cloths are a sustainable alternative to sponges, dish cloths and paper towels. Made from a plant-based, wood cellulose, they are soft and absorbent when wet.

Simply wet the cloth to use and see how they work like a sponge and cloth all in one. They are great for soaking up spills, washing dishes, cleaning and wiping hands etc.

Wash cloths in a washing machine or the top rack of a dishwasher, and air dry only. Do not dry in the dryer. The Eco Cloth air dries quickly and therefore does not breed bacteria or odours. They are a healthy and sustainable alternative for cleaning and the environment.

Each cloth will last an average of 9 months and can then be composted into the soil outside. As the cloth is made from a plant cellulose it will fully break down without a trace, in only a few weeks.

Our original Bee & Flower design was created to honour the pollinators. We have partnered with Pollinator Partnership Canada, by giving them 10% of all Eco Cloth sales, to help in their mission to protect the Bees and other Pollinators.

A locally made cloth...designed and printed in Victoria, BC

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