At Millstone Farm & Organics Inc. we are passionate about sustainable, zero waste  living and natural, organic food & products. 

Our farm is certified cruelty free and we do not consume any of our animals who are very much a big part of our farm family. We raise miniature babydoll sheep, miniature donkeys and hens who gift us with pastured, organic eggs.

We stonemill organic, gluten free flours and mixes in our dedicated gluten free milling studio.

Our products are all focused on the health of humans and the environment:
Certified Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags
Natural Wool Dryer Balls
Organic Laundry Soap
Organic Shea Butter & Refill Pucks
Pure Essential Oils
Stonemilled Organic Gluten Free Flours & Mixes
Pastured Organic Eggs


We ship around the world  and  orders can be placed  online, email, text  or by phone. 

Phone/Text: 1 (778) 350.1455

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