Bulk Bags

Plastic FreeRecyclableEthical and ResponsibleGOTS Certified
A responsible alternative to plastic bags and containers

Our reusable bulk bags are made from GOTS certified organic muslin with an organic cotton drawstring and a metal cincher clasp to keep it closed.
We are passionate about being part of the solution to ending the single use plastic bag pollution. So we set forth to design a healthier alternative - with zero waste at the forefront!

Our organic, reusable bulk bags can be used for anything but they do have a strong focus towards the dry foods in the bulk sections of stores and markets and baked goods.

Simply place the open end of the bag under the spout of the bulk container and let the dry food fall into the bag as you hold it. Pull the drawstring and cincher clasp till the bag is closed.
Use a pencil or pen to write the product code onto the product # space on the bag.
The tare weight ( actual weight of the bag alone)  is printed on the bag so it can be easily removed at the check out.

They are a zero waste alternative to bringing home bread and baked goods from the bakery too. Bread stored in the muslin bags will keep longer as well.

For proper storage of dry foods in the home we recommend using sealed containers but you can keep the dry foods in the bags if you prefer.

Bags are fully washable on cold & delicate cycle. Turn the bag inside out and make sure the metal cincher clasp is tucked inside the bag before washing.

The product number entered onto the bag is easily removed with a little soap and damp cloth so it is ready for another product number when being refilled at the store.

This is the zero waste solution to end the use of single use plastic bags, plastic ties and twist ties.

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