Eco Cloths (Set of 2)


The plant-based cloth with a purpose!

Paper Towel- Sponge- Dish Cloth....All in One!

One cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels.

Our eco cloths are our version of a swedish cloth. They are a sustainable alternative to regular cloths and paper towels. Made from a plant-based, natural fibre they are soft and absorbent when wet.

Simply wet the cloth to use and see how they work like a sponge and cloth all in one.

Wash cloths in the machine or top rack of the dishwasher and air dry.

Do not dry in the dryer.

Each cloth will last an average of 9 months and can then be composted into the soil outside. As the cloth is plant cellulose it will fully break down without a trace after several weeks.

A responsible alternative to paper towel.

Our eco cloth line began with our Bee & Flower design to honour the Bees that work so hard to pollinate the plants so we can grow food to eat. Because they need our help to survive we are donating a percentage of sales from every cloth to the Pollinator Partnership of Canada who do amazing work to help protect the Bees and other Pollinators. Protect their lives. Preserve ours!

A locally made cloth...designed and printed in Victoria, BC

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