Natural Wool Dryer Balls

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At Millstone Farm our flock of Miniature Babydoll Sheep have a forever home and every year they provide us with cruelty-free organic wool that we use to make these dryer balls.

Each ball is made by hand at the farm with a precise technique and blend of Babydoll, Merino & Dorset wool to assure their quality and lasting durability. Along with our own Babydoll Sheep wool, the Merino & Dorset wool we also use comes from other ethical Canadian Sheep farms. We are happy to say these are 100% Canadian natural wool dryer balls - from the sheep to the wool, to the hand-making! All the wool is washed in plant-based, biodegradable organic soap and no harsh chemicals or dyes are used.

They last an average of 5-6 years and are fully biodegradable and compostable.


Place all 5 balls into the dryer for the best results. While tumbling in the dryer the balls will absorb the moisture and separate the wet laundry, enabling the air in the dryer to circulate better and dry the items in half the time! The wool balls will soften the laundry and help to reduce and eliminate static and wrinkles.


These natural wool dryer balls have proven to reduce drying time by an average of 50% - conserving energy and saving you money! They can be left in the dryer for the next load or stored in the breathable organic mesh bag they come in.

Gentle on all fabrics, these dryer balls are also great for reducing the drying time & fluffing of blankets, quilts, duvets & cloth diapers. If desired, the balls can be easily scented by adding a few drops of pure essential oil onto each ball and rubbing it in well. They are washable by placing the balls individually into a sock and then into the washer.

Our natural wool dryer balls are a sustainable, zero-waste, energy-conserving product that provides a chemical-free and healthy alternative to dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and rubber & plastic dryer balls.

This is a package-free product as the organic mesh bag the balls come in, is a reusable, washable bag for produce or other items. 

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