Organic Laundry Soap

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Our organic laundry soap is a plant-based Castille soap made from a blend of organic coconut, olive & jojoba oils, organic aloe vera, purified water, rosemary & palmarosa oils. 

Our organic laundry soap is scent-free and therefore has no synthetic chemical smell. If you like to have a scent with your laundry we recommend adding a few drops of our pure essential oils to the soap as you are putting it into your machine. Perhaps a few drops of Lavender when washing your sheets or a few drops of lemon when washing your towels etc.

Laundry rooms tend to be one of the most toxic areas of a home due to the harsh chemicals typically found in detergents and dryer sheets. The chemicals permeate the fibers and can not be removed while also diffusing into the air we breathe in our homes and then venting outside into the environment and into the waterways.

For a healthier home and environment, we recommend using our organic laundry soap in the washer and our natural wool dryer balls in your dryer.

The laundry soap bottles are refillable at the Millstone Farm shop. For larger quantities or bulk buckets of our organic soap please contact Millstone Farm.

Please keep in a safe place out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight.


  • 1 TBSP per small load
  • 1/8 Cup for medium to large loads
  • 1/4 Cup for extra large loads and/or heavily soiled clothes

For extra tough stains add soap directly onto the stain and rub in gently before placing in the washer. It's a powerful yet gentle pure organic soap for hand-washing your delicates as it is safe and gentle on your skin and clothes.

Bottles are refillable.

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