As we go forward in 2021


"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." Jane Goodall

The beginning of a brand new year comes with a whole new energy and the opportunity to reflect on how we impact the world around us and what difference we want to make as we go forward in 2021.

Our focus for this year is on Health & Community and how we can be part of making a bigger difference by what we do here at Millstone Farm & Organics Inc. and how we can make our products more readily available to not only the local community but to everyone. Therefore we start off this brand new year with our long awaited website. It is the beginning of opening up our world and our life purpose and sharing it with you. We owe immeasurable gratitude to Sarah & Matt at Voltage New Media Inc for the endless hours in creating our website and showcasing our products in such a beautiful way.

It is imperative that we help to grow our local food supply and reduce our dependence on shipping in food from other countries, especially since we live on an Island. After one growing season with our new vertical gardening system we were amazed at the volume of organic produce we could weeding required, no backbreaking work and large volumes grown in less area than conventional gardening. To meet the local need we are expanding this system in a big way. So for all you organic strawberry lovers...get ready....cause we are going big on the berry this year.

Lavender has long been a favourite plant and its health benefits are numerous. The scent it gives off is, in my opinion..heavenly! Our front pasture is being planted in rows of get ready for all your senses to be wowed by the sight and the smell of this incredible flowering plant. This will begin our process of planting Bee friendly flowers and gardens as we move to be certified as a Bee Friendly farm.

Lastly...we are about to open the doors on our farm shop! We will be posting the Grand Opening date on our Instagram page @millstoneorganics and also on our farm entrance sign. This is the heart and soul of our farm. We look forward to meeting you in person and building community. Our focus on fresh, organic, sustainable, zero waste and gluten free...awaits you! Products for everyday living that impact your health and the health of the environment a good healthy way! You will find our pasture raised, organic eggs along with our full line of certified organic & gluten free flour & mixes that are stone-milled daily in our dedicated gluten free milling studio. We are spicing things up with our Organic Spice Bar where you can have your organic spices milled fresh to order! Our organic laundry soap, essential oils, Shea Butter and natural wool dryer balls will be waiting and ready for you. Plus...our containers are refillable, so save on the packaging and bring back your empties for refilling! Or, if you prefer, bring your own containers and we will fill them up.

This is our life purpose. To live with intention and focus on how we impact the world, our community, the environment and every aspect of life around us.

It is our way of giving back and demonstrating Gratitude for the life we are so fortunate to have and where we are so fortunate to live!