If you look up the word GRATITUDE in the dictionary you will find it is a noun that means the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

It is with a heart full of Gratitude that we launch our website and get ready to open the doors to our brick and mortar shop at Millstone Farm & Organics Inc.

Our journey began 10 years ago with a passion to live on a farm, grow our own food and stonemill organic flour for baking and in some ways...turn back time to live a simpler life with purpose and intention.

Throughout this journey our lives have been impacted and shaped by Gratitude and it is something we focus on each day as we get to live where we do, and create products with purpose and work hard to make a difference each and every day.

It has been an incredible ride through physical and emotional challenges that pushed us to our limits and forced us to grow and be thankful for each and every experience as our wisdom grew and our lives were enriched. 

We didn't come from a long lineage of farmers and knew very little when we began this farming story so long ago. In fact, my own father once commented that watching us gather up chickens at dusk was the ultimate spectator sport! Of course anyone who farms and has chickens...would know that if you leave a light on for the chickens to go in at night...they do it all by themselves. Lesson number one....

Our 4 generations of family...from my soon to be 89 year old mom, better known as GGma... right down to our youngest of 5 grandsons...have all been a part of Millstone Farm. We have worked together to grow and mill and design and produce food and products that make a difference in our lives and ultimately yours as well.

As we continue to expand our product offerings and realize our dreams..our hearts are bursting with gratitude for the love, the support, and the community that has embraced our products and encouraged us to keep going forward. 

To each of our family members who have worked so hard...thank you for believing in this dream! To our parents who gifted us with unconditional love and a deep connection to animals and nature...thank you for instilling such a love of life and the ability to dream big!

To each of the retailers who believe in the products we design and produce and who took a chance on bringing them into your stores....thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our products with your customers.

To our neighbours and local community.. Thank you for your support and your patience in waiting for our brick and mortar farm shop to finally open! 

To those of you around the world who have been calling and asking when our website and online store will be ready....thank you for your understanding and has been quite a wait!

To the core group of people whom we respect and admire so deeply for your incredible talent and support. Our hearts are full of gratitude! Laura @ Caribou Creative...your eye for design and branding is pure magic! We won the lottery the day we won your contest for branding! Lyndsey Eden and Paige Owen for your talent in capturing the essence of a product through the camera lens...another form of pure magic! Tasha & Conrad @ The Purposeful You for coming to our rescue and taking the photos of our Christmas cloth designs and tote captured them beautifully. Thank you for your support for our products and what our farm is all about...purposeful living! Sarah & Matt @ Voltage New Media Inc....your support and patience in waiting for website content over all these years...and now seeing it all come together with the intention and purpose and conveyed emotion we had hoped pure web design magic!

With our hearts full we offer our deepest gratitude for believing in us and this little farm called Millstone Farm & Organics Inc.